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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 8, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> five marines. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is "special report" for this time. fair, balanced, and unafraid. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: a strategy emerging on the war in afghanistan. tonight, what we have learned about plans from the white house. plus, unemployment getting worse. but more slowly. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. new unemployment claims, the lowest in almost a year. but millions of americans are still out of work. >> still a pretty big number. it's good news that it's coming down. still a large number for a recovery. shepard: tonight, trying to keep that recovery going. the new jobless claims haven't been this lowins january.
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even the so-called experts did not see this coming. the number of americans filing for unemployment for the first time fell to 521,000 last week. that's a bigger decrease than the analysts were predicting and it's the fourth drop in the past five weeks. but, still, way above what economists call a healthy level. remember, an estimated 15 million americans are unemployed. and economists predict the jobless rate will keep climbing even into next year. all of this the focus of meetings at the white house today. wendell goler is live on the north lawn with a report on our jobs. wendell? >> shep, there were no cheers for the left bad economic news we got today. the president has often said he won't be satisfied until everybody who has a job or wants a job has one. his aides deny they are considering a second economic stimulus package but said they never stopped looking for ways to encourage job creation. >> the team here had since last
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december been working through and continuing to evaluate plans to insure a strong economic recovery and they continue to do that. >> the president discussed job growth over lunch with the ceos of, craft, east man kodak and florida power and light. but critics say he needs to be talking with small business owners who create nor jobs. republicans also want him to do more offshore oil drilling to build more nuclear power plants to end efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions that will cost millions of manufacturing jobs. what scares them the most is the possible cost of health care reform. >> this means more spending, more tax hikes. and more borrowing at a time when the administration's own budget projections show trillion-dollar deficits on average for as far as the eye can see. >> politically the president is caught by fun and mental lawl of recession and recovering. the unemployment rate continues
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to a year or more after recession is over. even if the worse recession since the great depression is really over now, and no one really believes that we are still likely to see a lot of pain for a good time to come. shepard? shepard: wendell goler live at the white house tonight. thank you. shoppers surprising the experts as well. for the first time in more than a year, resales sales were up last month. economists were predicting another drop compared to year to year. sales didn't jump very much. less than 1%. analysts say it's giving them hope for the holiday season. between that report and job numbers and positive earning numbers as well stocks are up again. all the major indices dropping two thirds of a%. now, the war in afghanistan, and late word this afternoon that president obama is prepared to accept some taliban involvement in afghanistan's future. the taliban in afghanistan's future.
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the white house says not the leaders, just the ones who have taken up arms under coercion. further, the white house says this isn't even news. it's been under consideration all along. the reports indicate the administration's focus will now shift to destroying al qaeda. meanwhile, the taliban is claiming responsibility for another deadly attack. as you know, reports indicate president obama is considering a troop surge, whether or not to have one after his top commander in afghanistan reportedly requested some 40,000 more troops. the white house says the president is weeks away from that decision. conner paul live tonight in the afghan capital of kabul. connor. >> it was another deadly reminder of how serious and real the pal ban -- taliban threat is here in afghanistan. a massive bomb exploded in the doubt commercial part of kabul. our building is about a mile away from where the bomb went off. our building just shook and rattled about :30 this morning. 17 people were killed and nearly
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80 were injured. of the taliban claims responsibility for this attack and say their target was the nearby indian embassy. this is the second time in the past two years that the indian embassy has been hit. the fifth major attack we have had here in kabul in last the few weeks. violence has hit record levels all across afghanistan. particularly here in kabul and the eastern part of the afghanistan pakistan border. despite today's bombing, the taliban insisted this week they are not a threat to other countries but it is a claim that rings somewhat hollow to the afghans and indians stuck cleaning up after today's bombing, shepard. shepard: conor powell live in afghanistan this morning. democrats will to clear a health care battle. the senate finance committee is expected to pass the committee next week. last committee still working on a bill. budget crunchers reported it is the cheapest option on the table. $829 billion spread over 10 years. insuring, they tell us, over 94%
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of all americans. actually cutting the deficit by $81 billion. republicans point out those numbers are about to become irrelevant. carl cameron is live on capitol hill. they are going to have to get their calculator out again, i guess, huh? >> all over again, shep. that senate finance committee bill is going to have to be merged with one from a committee that passed a different version way back in july. we are talking about the senate health, education, labor, and pension committees bill. their proposal costs over a trillion dollars and includes a government-run so-called public insurance option. that's going to have to be merged next week or at least in the next couple of weeks with the senate finance committee bill which you said is a lot cheaper and has a nonprofit cooperative instead. mitch mcconnell the republican leader says all of these reports on the cost analysis become moot because they keep on changing as the bill evolves. here is a sampling. >> it doesn't tell the whole story. the fact is the bill it's referring to will never see the
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light of day afternoon we all know that. that's because the real bill will soon be cobbled together in a secret conference room somewhere here in the capitol by a handful of democratic senators and white house officials. >> there are likely to be somewhere in the neighborhood of three more cost analyses done and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is expected capitol hill next week to begin those talks, shep. shepard: all of this coming out of a senate committee. what's happening in the house of representatives? >> a similar version of the same thing. they have three bills over there. today the house speaker nancy pelosi said she was going to take pieces of each, send them over to the budget crunch ares and see if they could begin to get cost analysis over there so they can do the same process. down to one bill in each chamber. shepard: karl, thanks a lot. the feds call it one of the most serious terror plots in the united states since the attacks of 9/11. and tonight we have new details about the suspect.
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about his accomplices and the ingredients of a possible bomb. that's next.
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shepard: we now know the fbi is investigating a southern california man whom they say seriously injured himself while making explosives. a bomb squad spent much of the day at the home of benjamin, in lake elseinore southeast of los angeles. we don't have a picture of him. police say they went to the house after he showed up at the hops with a badly injured hand and they recognized it was caused by explosives. they went to the home and found suspected bombs, a sophisticated marijuana growing operation plus nazi materials and evidence that the house had recently been used as day care facility. put all that together, who know what is it means, but a source tells fox news the man had been trying to make the same explosive that najibullah zazi
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was trying to make in new york. no connection between that suspected terror case and this one. speaking of naji bullah zazi, his case being described as one of the most serious terror threats since the attacks of 9/11. you will recall is he an afghan immigrant accused of plotting an attack on new york city. officials say naji bullah zazi reached out to possible accomplices last month as he drove a rental car from denver to new york. they are looking into whether he may have told them to purchase more bomb-making materials. if this as they try to figure out what happened to the actual bombs that they say they believe zazi assembled back in colorado. david lee miller is following this one. is he in or new york newsroom. what did we learn today. >> we have learned a couple of things. authorities now appear to have a new idea, a new theory about what might have happened to some of those bomb-making chemicals that zazi and his accomplices allegedly purchased in denver. we have seen some of that surveillance video in the store
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in the surveillance cameras there, security cameras purportedly showing zazi buying those supplies. authorities now believe he may have in fact made a bomb as part of a test and then detonated that bomb in some remote location. that would explain what we also learned today, that while zazi was driving from denver to genes, new york, he called accomplices here, possibly now, authorities believe, the purpose of those communications was to instruct accomplices in the new york area to buy more bomb-making chemicals. shepard: whatever happened to those accomplices? >> right now an intensive surveillance is underway of at least one individual in queens, new york. but we have to be mindful of the fact here that the legal papers, the court papers, the day zazi was indicted clearly said there were three accomplices, a, b, and c. so far no one else has been charged. zazi is accused here of a conspiracy. as of now, not a single coconspirator, shep? shepard: we have reported that investigators already arrested zazi's father. that was last month.
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tonight we know that a grand jury has indicted him as well. what do we know from that indictment? >> this indictment was more of a formality. he was indicted essentially for lying to investigators and that is what he was charged with weeks ago. tomorrow, we do expect zazi's father to be in court. again, this is part of the formal court process. investigator told us today, one source, that they do not believe mohammed zazi, zazi's father in denver is part of the broader terrorist conspiracy. shepard? shepard: david lee miller live in our newsroom tonight. david lee, thanks. across the country tonight, we have also learned what charges and other suspected terrorist also be facing. a federal grand jury has indicted the 19-year-old jordanian man on the right of your screen here. charging him with one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and another count of bombing a public place. that place would be the building on the left of your screen here. the found place scraper. investigator say the man parked
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what he thought was a car bomb in the garage below that building in dallas, then tried to detonate it we are told it was actually a decoy given to him by the fbi agencies who posed as al qaeda operatives and no one was hurt. a manhunt underway tonight for a soldier who escaped from military police while inside the denver airport. the suspect says, well the army says that this suspect is wanted for being awol, absent without leave. is he on the run again tonight. authority say they were transferring a man named terrance hilton from utah to colorado springs and while waiting for a connecting flight, hilton made a run for it inside one of the concourses. police say if he is still in that airport, it's probably not going to be too hard to spot him him. >> our understanding is that he was fully handcuffed with a waist belt on and that he was able to run from those officers. shepard: after an hour long search last night, the cops stopped looking for him. airport employees have been given his picture but we're told
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he has no history of violence. now, to another set of crimes, and a new evidence in a search for an 18-year-old boy. a boy who has been quite, well, quite the reputation so far after evading police for more than a year. investigators suspect coalton harris moore in countless robberies and thefts. at least 30 of them. including the stealing and crashing of three small planes. one of them is this $150,000 job that police say he took down right here in this field. now cops say they have the first proof of the teen's whereabouts in more than a year. after finding his d.n.a. on an atm machine after a break-in on orcas island in washington state. that's enough to charge him with burglary. i spoke to his mother this afternoon on "studio b." and i'm like do you want your son to come home? >> i don't want him to come home. shepard: you don't? >> no. i want him to get in contact with me because i have a lawyer
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that is willing to let him turn hisself in in his office and then he will go with colt to turn hisself in. shepard: she says her son is staying with friends, despite reports that he had been staying in the woods and robbing other people. but she doesn't know where he is really, she says. she also says she wants him to bring a parachute with him next time he flies a plane and though that she doesn't want him stealing planes, she is proud he has learned to fly. well, chances are good that your holiday vacation plans just got a little more expensive if you are planning to fly. airlines are tacking on yet another fee that could matter and really effect how you pack. the details next on "the fox report."
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shepard: did you book your flight over the phone? that's a fee. checking bags? they will charge you for that want an aisle seat or cup of sewed or spot in the boarding line? depending where you fly all of those could result in added charge. now a number of airlines have tagging on another fee just for going home for the holidays. they are call it a peak travel surcharge tacking on extra $10 of your fare on busy days. american airlines started it but other carriers including u.s. airways, delta, united and continental have all followed suit. the surcharge applies to flights on the days in red on the calendar here. check it out, the $10 fee applies to the sunday and monday after thanksgiving. saturday before christmas, and the weekend after a long with the weekend which follows new year's. see these here. there are also a number of peak travel days in march, april, and
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may. 13 total. molly henneberg is across the street from the capital. why don't they just raise the fee in the price of the ticket? do they think they are fooling anyone anymore. >> travel analysts say it's easier for the airlines to tack on a surcharge than certain days rather than readjust their whole ticket price structure for those days. rick with the fair, the company that first be detected the $10 increases tells fox, quote, this the is first time i have ever seen this done where they add a surcharge on these days only. they're telling you what days not to fly, actually. that is, shep, if you have some flexibility in your travel plans and a lot of people don't. shepard: as i understand, low cost carriers, jetblue, southwest, and others aren't imposing these fees. what's the rub here? >> a couple of reasons. their operating costs are lower. they are the low cost airlines and they may not want to be included in the list of airlines who are adding that surcharge. they don't want the negative
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publicity. but, keep in mind, while the low cost carriers such as southwest, jet blurex air tran have not added the $10 surcharge yet. it doesn't mean they won't do it at some point. shepard: molly henneberg live in the newsroom. thanks. just bun b. one out of every four persons on the plan net is a muslim. that's according to a comprehensive new forum pew forum and religion on public life. found interesting results. for instance, in germany it turns out they have more muslims than in lebanon. the largest share of the muslim faithful, almost two thirds in the asia-pacific region going clockwise around this chart it's followed by the middle east, north africa with 20% and subis a -- subis a -- -- it's a expected hideout of the most wanted terrorist on the planet
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it is also crucial to the u.s. war in afghanistan. tonight word that president obama has considered turning to pakistan for help. would that be a risky strategy? we report. you decide coming up there. sfx: coin drop, can shaking when you own a business, saving sounds good. so hear this: regions makes it simple to save money and time with lifegreen checking and savings for business, free convenient e-services and regions quick deposit, so you can deposit checks right from your desk.
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shepard: they will make one big huge creator out of it, they hope. the gool is to find out whether there is ice beneath the moon
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rock. we are told it could be the first step to building a permanent base on the moon. here is an animation of how it would work. the satellite called l-cross is to separate from the booster engine tonight. then, early in the morning that booster is to slam into the moon at about 6,000 miles an hour, sending chunks of the moon into the air, and the l-cross will follow. scanning the debris, searching for any signs of ice. >> it's very scarce on the moon. there is suspicions that it's at the south pole of the moon right here on my globe from nasa. if weekend find water on the poles of the moon that could be a supporting source of rocket fuel, oxygen debris and a way to support people out there. shepard: he also says finding water is the key to eventually building an economy in outerspace. nasa says the l-cross mission will cost about $79 million. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
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and as president obama considers his next move in afghanistan, he reportedly is thinking of new ways in which pakistan could help. the president, we're told, discussed the matter today with the vice president and the secretary of state hillary clinton. this, as the white house now confirms that president obama has received general stanley mcchrystal's request for more troops. general mcchrystal is the top u.s. and coalition commander in afghanistan. he is reportedly asking for as many as 40,000 additional troops. but the president's apparent focus on pakistan may provide a hint as to the way in which he is leaning. pakistan, of course, lies just to the south and east of afghanistan. it's a knew lack armed nation with major issues of its own, including a fight against taliban militants who crossed over that border. pakistan is believed to be where osama bin laden is hiding out. so it's crucial ally in the war on religious extremist. but can we trust pakistan's leaders? the chief fox report
7:30 pm
correspondent jonathan hunt is live with more on that. >> the war in afghanistan cannot be successful without pakistan. it is that simple. but working with the pakistani is anything but simple. the difficulties are summed up by three initials. isi, the interservices intelligence agency. a branch of the pakistani government that strikes fear in the hearts of its enemies but also grave concern in the minds of pakistan's friends. friends like us. when the taliban took control of afghanistan in 1996, they did not do it alone. they had the backing of a powerful partner. pakistan's interservices intelligence. the isi provided the cash, the weapons, the training. without their support, the taliban might never have come to power and might never have been able to offer al qaeda the safe haven from which it plotted the 9/11 attacks. it was president who turned the
7:31 pm
isi into a major force in pakistan in the 1980s. just as pakistan was becoming at his urging more radically islamic. it's not surprising that many isi agents are themselves radicals. in theory the pakistani government is set up with a president who is also commander and chief at the top. the army under his control, and the army in turn controlling the inter-services intelligence. in practice, according to many experts, the isi operates as a shadow government, deciding for itself what is best for pakistan and acting in its own interests. the isi was accused by supporters of bbrenda buttner its -- ben severe beauty toe of having a hand in her assassination. there is strong evidence that the isi was involved in last year's bombing of the indian
7:32 pm
embassy in kabul. an attack that killed more than 50. and that the inter-services intelligence continues to provide cash and weapons to men like these men, afghan war lords leading the fight against american and nato forces. in short, the inter-services intelligence agency makes unsavory ally but one we can't do without. >> we are not the ones who are going to lead this hunt. it has got to be their decision to do it and they have got to point the way. >> the bottom line is this. pakistan's isi brought the taliban to power. and aided and abetted the rise of al qaeda, whose leaders are now believed to be hiding in pakistan. now, the u.s. is asking pakistan and the inter-services intelligence in effect to destroy the monsters it helped create. it is a high-risk policy and a long shot. but the success or failure of the war in afghanistan, shep, may well depend on it.
7:33 pm
shepard: jonathan hunt, live in our new york newsroom, thanks. now to iran and its nuclear ambitions a bipartisan group of u.s. senators pushing for action on several bills now. to give the administration more power to pressure iran with the economic punishments known as sanctions. democrats evan bayh and bob casey, republican saxby chambliss, john mccain john lieberman and lindsey graham. it reads in part: it became a law in the wakes of the attack of 9/11. designed to prevent another terror attack on the u.s. soil. key provisions of the patriot act are about to expire. some say the provisions under the act abuse civil liberties. others say without these broad powers, the feds would have a much more difficult time disrupting possible terror
7:34 pm
plots. including the recent case we reported on earlier over the of a -- with the afghan immigrant naji bullah zazi. over what tope coond what to let go. james rosen is in our capitol hill newsroom tonight. took a series of key steps just this afternoon. >> that's right. and before it gets to president obama this evening, congress's senate judiciary committee 11 votes this afternoon. the last of them advanced a new revised version of the patriot act to the full senate floor for a vote. the panel decided shep, among other things, when tracking a lone wolf terrorist suspect, agents seeking a wiretap warrant will not have to prove that that suspect is linked to a foreign power or terrorist group. and, when authorities send national security letters or nsls to banks, libraries, and phone companies, those letters which the fbi found had been misused in 700 cases will still be able to demand, quote, any tangible thing for investigation but there will be tighter limits
7:35 pm
on how that date can a can be stored or shared. shepard: the debate on all of this, it's serious stuff but it got kind of spirited. >> yes. that's kind of a forgone conclusion any time you put 19 lawyers at the same conference table with microphones. sometimes, shep, the scriptural militiaing was squirmishing sound for may. >> last place in our government that we ought to put burdens on administrators -- an investigators would be in a national security case where people, we know, are out there desiring to kill us. >> the debate appears to be any prosecutor's argument or any fbi argument is against anything, end of the debate. i don't buy it. that's not our job. >> for all the philosophy sing the vote along party lines. shepard: deadly typhoon has appealed roofs off houses and
7:36 pm
forced 11,000 people to get out of their homes. it's our top story on a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. japan. the powerful storm tore through the country's main land with strong winds and heavy rain. two men killed, dozens more people reported injured. the typhoon blood flooded homes and destroyed villages and took out many power lines. it hit during morning rush. stranding millions of commuters. thousands of panicked islanders racing away from coast lines after a series of strong earthquakes rocked the south pacific. the quake has also caused a small tsunami. no immediate reports of any damage, but residents took no chances and ran for higher ground. gaza, hamas rulers banning women from riding motorcycles and scooters. a spokesman says a study found the women riding on the backs of bikes were a major recent for accidents in recent weeks. human rights groups accuse hamas
7:37 pm
of imposing a strict islamic move in gaza. they say it has more to do with safety and social traditions than religious values. france, the country's own spiderman is at it again. 47-year-old robert has climbed buildings all over the world with little more than special bindings on his little hands. this time it was one of the tallest skyscrapers in paris. he made it to the top where in a familiar ritual the cops arrested him. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. a lot of people love their big box stores, wal-mart and target and all the rest. for years communities have been fighting to keep them out of their towns to. they say places like wal-mart ruin family businesses, abuse their employees as they put it, and end costing taxpayers money. but throw a recession into the mix and suddenly some of those communities are having quite a change of heart a live report on the big box world. that's next.
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i don't think you can live the american lifestyle without energy. we have all this energy here in the u.s. we have wind. we have solar, obviously. we have lots of oil. i think natural gas is part of the energy mix of the future. i think we have the can-do. we have the capability. we have the technology. the solutions are here. we just need to find them here.
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and it turns out that seconds before that crash, the air traffic controller in charge was chatting on his cell phone about a cat. we're now hearing the control tower recordings made that day at teterboro airport in new jersey. here is part of the controller's conversation with the woman about her dead animal. >> oh my god. r. >> another controller interrupted the man's cell phone conversation and said that the plane had disappeared. here, listen.
7:42 pm
>> the federal aviation administration today released those recordings, we are told there is no evidence the controller knew of any danger prior to the crash. he has been suspended while they investigate. now to a bill that would give public health officials in massachusetts the power to quarantine people who have a serious and contagious disease. now it's becoming closer to law. the house in massachusetts today joined the senate in approving the bill. health officials in that state would be able to isolate individuals, evacuate public buildings, and distribute vaccines and antibiotics. officials would be able to give the orders verbally or in writing. the supporters of this say the h1n1 outbreak shows the importance of having such laws in case of a public health crisis. critics stay gives the government, state government way too much power. we're tracking h1n1 and the right aide -- right aid pharmacy
7:43 pm
change has changed its policy for women who want to get h1n1. the third largest drugstore chain who requires women expecting to get a doctor's prescription before getting those vaccinations. the spokesman says the policy, of course, is subject to state law. public officials say they have been trying to encourage more pregnant women to get vaccinated. well, this one is a story we have told time and time again on this newscast about wal-mart's plans to build a new store and countless towns across the countries that have resisted. they had plenty of reasons. they didn't want the local mom and pop stores to lose business. they didn't want all the traffic. in some cases they didn't want to be like everybody else. tonight it appears many of the folks who live in those cities have changed their minds. dan springer is live in our seattle newsroom tonight with that hey, dan. >> yeah, shep. it makes sense. you know, right now especially consumers want good prices on things, and cities are desperate for jobs. and also for, you know, all that sales tax revenue.
7:44 pm
so all of a sudden these box stores aren't looking so bad. well bell lingham washington like so many other cities around the west coast a few years ago passed a ban on stores over a certain size. you know the rules. they say that they're bad for the environment. bad for local businesses. but now with this economy stagnating and not getting any better any time soon, they are starting to rethink those bans. >> still a lot of people that have to come here. and want to come here. and i think that overrides a lot of the cynicism. >> that cheap, cost of mayonnaise is putting a large burden on the community. >> now, wal-mart has been able to blunt some of the criticism simply by continuing to expand. already the country's largest employer with 1.9 million employees. they are adding about 22,000 jobs this year during the recession. in bellingham, though, their two
7:45 pm
biggest retailers, cosco and wal-mart are threatening to leave if they can't expand. they want to do that but they can't with the ban in place. they are saying they will take their 600 jobs and all that sales tax revenue next door, a big hurt on that city if they do leave. shep? shepard: dan springer, live in seattle. dan, thanks. have you heard of the neighborhood electric vehicles? it's more than a golf cart but not quite a car. and more parks, college campuses, and retirement communities are using them now than ever before. see the thing. they don't need any gas, so they're great for short trips. they are also exempt from a number of safety standards that apply to most other vehicles. and that's causing some serious safety concerns. >> turn the key, put it in gear, and off we go touring the villages. >> florida is the villages happens to be one of the largest retirement communities in the world. home to about 40,000 low speed
7:46 pm
vehicles. most of which are golf carts styled to the tee. nancy's looks like a model t and it's her primary vehicle for everything. >> it's fun. it's small and it's just an eye catcher. people love looking at them. >> also hitting the streets in growing numbers are nevs, neighborhood electric vehicles. chrysler's gem is the top seller, also popular are the ford think neighbor and the zen from zen motors. they sell for 7 to 20,000 bucks. fully charge in 10 hours and legal on the road in most states, typically where the speed limit is 35 or less. it used to be that golf carts and low speed vehicles were only seen around retirement communities and golfing communities. but now more and more, they are sharing real roadways with real vehicles like that suv. and that's got the insurance institute for highway safety watching this trend closely fearing that there are traffic
7:47 pm
nightmares just waiting to happen. while all have the seat belts option, many drivers admit they usually don't buckle up. >> what you are going to find 99% of the time not only are you going to find injuries to those occupants in the vehicle they're kind to find ejections they are going to leave the vehicle. the key is constant caution. >> you have to ride sensibly. you have people that don't turn their neck so good as you get older. you have to ride defensively. the trick is beaware. >> as you save on gas, you don't want to save on safety. phil keating. fox news. >> well, it's been one of the most effective tools in the war in afghanistan, they tell us. one of the weapons the insurgents say they fear the most. the u.s. military's unmanned predator drones. we are in afghanistan with an inside look at how the drones work and why we could soon see a whole lot more of them above the battlefield. that's next. nkicyi -lepufeou katn se
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shepard: the strategy for afghanistan. here is one of many that the president is considering. it reportedly comes from none other than vice president joe biden. here is the idea. keep troop levels low. step up air strikes against al qaeda targets using unmanned predator drones. we figured let's get an inside look at how these drones work and how they could be one of america's most important and controversial weapons. casey stegall reporting from afghanistan. >> shep, if there is one type of aircraft that's seen large increase in this war it's the unmanned vehicle or drone. while some see it as who awhite knight for troops on the ground. others are wondering if it's costing more innocent lives than it's saving it flies at
7:52 pm
60,000 feet for 20 hours at a time spying on the economy. then rains missiles on them while the pilots are safe on the ground, thousands of miles away. these unmanned aerial vehicles are loaded with technology and weapons, perhaps its most important feature, it's eye in the sky. this camera that allows people on the ground to not only gather intelligence but also monitor the enemy from great distances in any condition. even in the dark. but there is a dark side to this success. a pakistani newspaper reporting that drone strikes have killed almost 700 innocent civilians in that country, numbers that could easily turn the population against u.s. and nato efforts to win hearts and minds in the region. supporters of the drone's claim new technology is making them more accurate. and with each new generation of uav that rolls out of the factory. civilian casualties will be dramatically reduced.
7:53 pm
>> there is a huge demand for them out there. they are building them as fast as they can, basically, and there is no let up in demand in sight. >> in fact, the white house wants to spend $3.5 billion for more of these stealthy birds next year. and that's the debate happening right now in washington. can drones alone defeat al qaeda and the taliban? general mcchrystal seems to doubt it, which may be why he is asking the president for 40,000 additional troops in this country. shep? shepard: casey stegall reporting earlier inside afghanistan. she says her daughter was murdered while she spent summer in south america. but now she claims the police ue the investigation. we're told cops in ecuador found 26-year-old gloria lops stabbed to death just three days before she was scheduled to return home to los angeles. her mother flew down to identify her remains. once she arrived in the town where her daughter was said to
7:54 pm
have been murdered. police say they had no evidence. the mother says all she wants is justice but she is losing hope. >> for every single day -- what can i do? what are you doing? if you have some news. we are working. we are working. but they don't do anything. shepard: worse yet, this photo appears to show police removing a knife from the crime scene but the cops claim the photo was a fake. the family now trying desperately to get the united states state department involved. the two-timing governor of south carolina has been a lot of places this year, the appalachian trail maybe, argentine narcotics the republican dog house. now it seems wherever that mark sanford is going, he is going there a little too quickly. you will see what happened when johnny law pulled over his car. that's next. it's endless shrimp at red lobster.
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shepard: top stories coming up. first another controversy for mark sanford. he disappeared without telling his family and staff where he was going. and came back and admitted to an affair with an argentinian soul mate. his word. the trooper pulled over the car and the driver told him he had the governor in the backseat. here, listen. >> got to get a reason for going 85. >> governor. >> not a really good reason to be speeding. >> tell him that. shepard: tell him that of course, he was talking about governor sanford. the trooper spoke with the governor, even shook his hand, i'm told, and then let the driver go without a ticket. after the story came out today and the video, the trooper's boss says the driver will indeed get a speedy violation. updating fox top story tonight, there is word president obama is prepared to accept some kind of role by members of the taliban in afghanistan's political
7:59 pm
future while focusing on a war effort -- focusing the war effort more on al qaeda. at the same time we are told the president is to decide on afghanistan troop levels in the next few weeks. then the senate finance committee is now set to vote next tuesday on its 829 billion-dollar health care reform plan and on this day back in 195, don larson threw the only perfect game in world series history. it was, of course, against the cross town rivals brooklyn dodgers, larson was never known as dominating pitcher that day in the bronx, the baseball gods smiled on him. you see, the dodgers had some serious offense but every batter who stepped up to the plate marched right back to the dug out 27 up, 27 down. no runs, no hits, nowaks, no errors, perfect. one of only 18 perfect games ever thrown in the major leagues. the bombers one the game 2-oand went on to win the whole series. they dual it again in


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